Repeat Clients Are the Best, Podcasts are The Worst + a Really Great Wine

Repeat Clients Are the Best, Podcasts are The Worst + a Really Great Wine

Recently, I spent some time looking through the hard data of projects I've worked on over the past few years (working hard to be data-curious instead of data-terrified!) One of the coolest learnings I got to see in a tangible way was how much of my revenue is from repeat customers. In fact, almost all of the work I completed was for existing clients or a new client referred to me by an existing client.

It's really easy to focus on the new projects, the growth mentality, the idea that other folks are doing it better. In fact, I have looked at those same numbers in the (very) recent past and thought "wow, I should do more business development", or "I should really be putting myself more out there on TikTok/podcasts/industry groups/etc".

But this time, I saw it as wholly affirming.

The day in, day out work of serving people well and running a client-centered business is worth it. Building relationships, delivering what I promise, and seeing clients' businesses grow and thrive... that is the whole damn point. And it's really cool that the data proves out that this concept works.

This little shift from focusing on what I am not doing enough of to doubling down on what I'm really good at has totally changed the way I feel about my workday.

I get to be really present with my clients. I get to be excited to expand on a past concept and make it even better. I get to see the same faces on Zoom and catch up on their real life as well as their work life. It's amazing!

If you're struggling with feeling like you aren't doing enough to grow a business or achieve the next thing at work... maybe this little shift will work for you, too. Go back to the folks who already love you, and find ways to be even more helpful, engaged and present.

For every problem, I find that community is the answer.

A Resource

I set up two clients with Tolstoy last week, and I'm always impressed at how impactful this tool is! It's a great little widget for your site that allows you to make interactive videos to answer FAQs, show off products, take quizzes and more.

The flow of the tool feels really natural, like a face-to-face conversation, and allows customers to see the real faces behind a brand.

You can see it in action on two of our clients' sites: Siren Shrubs and Kaizen Foods.

Random Roundup

  • I forced myself to have a no-podcast weekend. I love podcasts, and often have my AirPods in soaking up anything and everything. But sometimes there is just something about having people in my actual ear — so close to my brain! — that makes it hard to hear my own thoughts. Instead, I listened to Lizzo really loud with the top down on our Jeep and went for a long drive, and it was absolutely incredible.
  • Are you noticing more and more DTC brands in stores, too? It's a smart strategy! This week, I was in Target and picked up this wine and this curl cream. The rosé specifically was so good. 🤌
  • We launched a gorgeous site for MLM Brand! They offer gorgeous dresses for breastfeeding and postpartum. My favorite part is that desktop experience showcases video when you hover over a product that shows you how the breastfeeding panel works. It's always the details for me.

Have a great week!