We believe in the power of curiosity, playfulness and a can-do attitude. We believe that how you sell is just as important as what you sell. We believe in the power of small ideas becoming big game-changers. We believe in saying yes, and then Googling the shit out of it. We believe in the magic of the underdog, the side hustler and the tinkerer. We believe that empathy is important. We believe in humanity over technology. We believe in doing good work that matters to the world. We believe in creating communities where everyone can grow, create, and build — strengthened by a diversity of thought, background and perspective. We believe in listening more than we speak. We believe in the magic of unplugging and the sanctity of watching sunsets IRL. We believe in not quitting until we are proud of the work we’ve done. We believe that with intention and consciousness, business can elevate humanity. We believe in each other, and we believe in you.