Love Letter to a Snail 🐌

Snail of Approval

I've been thinking a lot about the Slow Food Snail of Approval. Do you have this in your area? I hadn't heard of it before we moved to Jacksonville, but it's a certification that many restaurants proudly display that shows their commitment to:

  • Sourcing local or sustainably
  • Creating a positive environmental impact
  • Offering cultural diversity in food
  • Being actively involved in the community
  • Providing significant support for staff
  • Holding inclusive business values

I was joking with a friend that I wanted Basis to have a Slow Food Snail of Approval sign on my studio door, mostly as a reminder to myself that good things take time.

It's okay to be slower with replies and design. Slow work is often the most thoughtful and most creative work.

But after reading on the actual mission of Slow Food, I think there is a lot that can truly be applied to any small business. Collaborating with culturally diverse teammates, providing exceptionally helpful support to my team and clients, being involved in the community, and actively holding myself accountable to inclusive business values — wow, that is what it's all about right there.

I printed a little snail and taped it on my computer as a reminder that these values take priority above all... even if doing the work at a slower pace is the natural outcome of that prioritization.

Will you send me a review?

100% of my business is referral-based... and I am so grateful for that! I work with great people that send more great people.

I am planning to add some testimonials to my website and proposals this year. If you've enjoyed working with Basis, would you email me with a testimonial that I can quote from your brand? It would mean the world to me!

Helpful Resources

This one is for you, Shopify peeps!

I've been installing the Flash app for clients left and right, and we are seeing huge improvements in Google Pagespeed scores — some clients have gone from scores in the 20s to scores in the 90s (!!!). The app is $20/mo, and I'd be happy to help you configure it at no charge if you want to try it out! Just shoot me a note and I'll set you up!

In My Merch Era

I've recently decided Basis needs MERCH, babyyyyy! I printed several vinyl stickers with the Basis logo and manifesto on them from Sticker Mule, and am so impressed with the quality. It's been fun having clients snag one when the visit the office.

3-2-1 Launch!

  • We recently launched a new WordPress site for Eclipse Foods, a Bay area brand that makes plant-based ice cream — can confirm that it's totally delicious, and now their website can show that off better than ever before.
  • Later this month, we are launching a site for an amazing Oakland-based spice shop. And we've got many more sites on the books for launches in Q1, including three Jacksonville-local clients!

See you soon! Thanks for reading!